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The Jewish Museum New York and Skira have won the 2023 Alice Award for the exhibition catalogue New York: 1962-1964
November 20, 2023
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The Alice Award is given annually to a richly illustrated book that is judged to have made a valuable contribution to its field and has demonstrated high standards of production. Judges for the award are drawn from across publishing, museums, and the art world.

New York: 1962–1964 focuses on a pivotal moment in art and culture in New York City. It explores the radical societal changes that had an impact on creative life in the city, transforming fine arts and performance to music and design.

We were proud to have been selected as the Museum’s publishing partner to develop and produce the catalogue for the exhibition, which was conceived by Germano Celant, edited by Sam Sackeroff, and designed by Michael Rock from 2x4.

The book is modelled on the scale and format of magazines at the time such as Life and Look, and is richly illustrated record, weaving a tapestry of artists, curators, happenings, experimental exhibitions, historical moments, and political events.

Find out more about the Alice Award here


Find out more about the award-winning book here

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