Titanic Belfast

A new take on a famous story

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A landmark regeneration project

Driven by a regeneration and placemaking agenda, the city of Belfast wanted a landmark attraction to anchor the redevelopment of its disused shipyards. After undertaking extensive research a powerfully persuasive idea emerged – retelling the Titanic’s story in the shipyard where she was built and launched. The story of the Titanic remains magnetic. A tale of love and loss through which we could explore the social history of the city, class relationships and cultural norms. Our concept drove both the architectural competition and our resulting design for the experience, creating a visitor journey that boldly moves from genesis to demise, rediscovery to afterlife.

An award-winning attraction

Opening in time for the centenary of the sinking of the ship, Titanic Belfast is both a popular and critical success.  It receives one million visitors each year and has become the engine for Belfast’s booming tourism economy. It received a THEA award for Outstanding Achievement and was named World’s Leading Tourist Attraction at the World Travel Awards.


Belfast City Council – funding, development and regeneration planning  

Eric Kuhne - architecture

Robert Ballard – content and film footage


Ship launch displays at Titanic Belfast, photograph © Chris Heaney

Titanic Belfast - architecture by Eric Kuhne, photograph © Chris Heaney

Displays at Titanic Belfast, photograph © Chris Heaney

Shipyard displays at Titanic Belfast, photograph © Chris Heaney

Media transporting visitors through the ship  at Titanic Belfast, photograph © James Newton

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