Oman Across Ages Museum

The story of a nation


Masterplanning, designing and fabricating a new national museum for Oman.


Nizwa, Oman


Archaeology, History


Advisory ,Content and Interpretation ,Exhibition Design ,Project Management


Royal Court Affairs

An Enthralling Journey

Oman Across Ages is a new national museum, a vision of the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said. It celebrates the creation of a nation, praises human spirit, and inspires young Omanis to connect with their rich history.

We were commissioned by the Royal Court to create a vision when the museum was nothing more than an idea. After developing a full masterplan and running the architectural competition, we then designed every display, even undertaking graphic production during delivery.

Scale and Spectacle

The museum is a vast, sweeping journey through time. Starting with the first settlers of prehistory and ending in modern-day Oman, visitors fly through different ages, dynasties and societies. 9,000 square metres of gallery space allowed us to create dramatic and jaw-dropping displays and experiences on a scale that does justice to Oman’s rich history. The museum is a masterpiece in its use of media and graphics. Archival and contemporary film footage and photography, and the considered use of augmented reality combine with stunning object displays to spectacular effect.

Oman Across Ages Museum - building by Cox Architecture

Visual of the History Gallery at Oman Across Ages Museum (Image © Event)

Visual of the Renaissance Gallery at Oman Across Ages Museum (Image © Event)

Visual of the History Gallery at Oman Across Ages Museum (Image © Event)


Participating Companies

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Cox Architecture - architecture

Squint Opera – media production

Tactile Studio – display production