Inside Burj Al Arab

Touring an iconic landmark


Exploring the ambition, vision, and sheer audacity behind Dubai’s most famous landmark.


Dubai, UAE


Architecture, Design


Exhibition Design


Jumeirah Group

Exclusive Access

The pinnacle of luxury within a national architectural icon – this was the touchstone when Jumeirah Group commissioned us to design a tour for the Burj Al Arab. This one-of-a-kind immersive experience allows UAE residents and tourists to experience the most hidden, the most prestigious and the most inaccessible spaces inside this architectural marvel.

A Ground-Breaking Guided Tour

The 90-minute butler-guided tour takes visitors on an exclusive journey of discovery to hear the untold story of this world-famous hotel. After taking in the Royal Suite, visitors can explore stories in the Experience Suite. Digital interactives invite visitors to relive history with the original architectural designs and see where it all started.

Views across the displays inside Burj Al Arab

Interactive displays as part of the tour through the Burj Al Arab

Displays on the architecture and design of the Burj Al Arab

Displays on the architecture and design of the Burj Al Arab


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Atkins, led by Tom Wright – architecture