Hans Christian Andersen’s House

Fairy tales made real


Creating an extraordinary journey through an author’s inner world.


Odense, Denmark


Literature, Art, Culture, Biography


Exhibition Design ,Content and Interpretation ,Advisory ,Project Management


Odense City Museums

A Ground-Breaking Approach

Hans Christian Andersen’s House is a ground-breaking museum, bringing together outdoor and indoor interpretation into a compelling whole. We were selected to develop a narrative concept that drove the architectural competition, which was subsequently awarded to Kengo Kuma. We went on to deliver the project from planning through to exhibition design and delivery. Our team led and worked collaboratively with an ensemble of creatives, ranging from AV specialists to artists, authors and composers, to create this awe-inspiring experience.

Evoking Magic

This magical journey transports visitors into the world of one of the greatest storytellers. The latest technology, immersive sets and captivating media intertwine to create fairy tale worlds, where visitors can become a character in Andersen’s famous stories.

Princess and the Pea fairy tale displays at Hans Christian Andersen's House (Image © Stuart Williams)

Audio guide using 3D mapped sound at Hans Christian Andersen's House (Image © Laerke Beck-Johansen)

Nightingale displays at Hans Christian Andersen's House (Image © Nalle Magnusson)

Clumsy Hans displays at Hans Christian Andersen's House (Image © Laerke Beck-Johansen)


Participating Companies

London, UK

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Kengo Kuma & Associates - architecture

ISO Design - media and Interactive production

The Hub - fabrication and installation