Chronicles of New York City

A monumental city portrait


Public art at the largest possible scale.


New York, USA


Public Art


Exhibit Engineering and Fabrication


Brooklyn Museum

Dominating the Skyline

This phenomenal mural by JR, French photographer and street artist, in the artist’s pioneering monumental collage style, features portraits of over 1,000 New York citizens from all walks of life. The ‘Chronicles of New York City’ stretches to over 24 metres tall and 16 metres wide. We produced and installed it in Domino Park in Williamsburg, where it soon became an iconic feature of the city skyline.

Printing at Huge Scale

We selected specialist materials from Senfa Technologies for the print, ensuring that the finished article could withstand outdoor conditions. Printing the large-scale canvas took over ten hours and our dedicated team of 16 worked round the clock for four days to install it.

The installation of the large-scale mural in Domino Park

View across Chronicles of New York City in situ after installation

Chronicles of New York City with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background


Participating Companies

Huddersfield, UK

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JR – Artist

LOT-EK – structural support