Abdullah Gül Presidential Museum and Library

Powerplant to presidential library


Building the story of Turkey’s political history.


Kayseri, Turkey


History, Culture


Exhibit Engineering and Fabrication


Abdullah Gül University Foundation

A Transformative Journey

Turkey has lived through great changes since the mid-20th century. This authoritative presidential museum and library, named after the country’s 11th President, holds visitors’ hands on a journey through a nation’s transformation. Three floors of galleries with over 1,500 square metres of displays tell a story of solidarity and human connection within a welcoming urban hub. The highest production standards were needed to support this important narrative. We produced and installed all displays, working across design development, prototyping, graphic production and installation, with 1:1 test set ups and mock-ups ensuring exceptional results.

Re-Imagining an Icon

The 1933 Sumerbank Textile Factory is known as a modern monument. As one of Turkey’s most significant symbols of the modern world and industry, it is a fitting home for the story of the country’s journey through the late-20th and early-21st centuries. Our production process was sensitive to this modern architectural icon. We obtained all necessary approvals and fabricated installations to integrate with and enhance the building’s original features. The site was opened by President Recep Erdoğan to critical acclaim.

Displays at Abdullah Gul Presidential Museum and Library

Displays integrated into the historic powerplant interior

Graphics and media integrated into display structures


Participating Companies

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Specialist​ fabrication for corporate, cultural, and retail sectors.

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Ralph Applebaum Associates – exhibition design

Emre Arolat Architecture - architecture