The Box

A new museum for a proud city


Bringing together six collections to create a new cultural hub.


Plymouth, UK


Art, Culture, History, Science, Natural History


Advisory ,Content and Interpretation ,Exhibition Design ,Project Management


Plymouth City Council

A New Cultural Hub

The Box was born out of a need to protect six at-risk collections and the ambition to create a new cultural quarter in Southwest England. Far more than just a museum, it is a hub of art, culture, history, science, learning and leisure for locals and visitors alike. We began with masterplanning exercises that mapped how to bring together multiple organisations, collections, and public spaces into one coherent and effective whole – logistically, operationally, culturally, interpretively.

A Stunning Outcome

We designed and delivered exhibitions which envisioned The Box as a treasure chest - open it and who knows what you might find… a gigantic woolly mammoth rearing up in the middle of a gallery; a flotilla of Victorian naval figureheads sailing overhead in the entrance space; a sea of pickled creatures or stunning pieces of contemporary art. Each gallery truly takes on a life of its own. The result is a series of bold and brilliant, quirky and witty spaces, which create a warm and friendly setting – a true city museum designed with the public at its heart. The new museum is not only popular with the people but has received significant awards recognition, including a Special Commendation from the European Museum of the Year.

Suspended figurehead displays in the main entrance hub of The Box (Image © Andrew Meredith)

Mass displays of pickled specimens at The Box (Image © Andrew Meredith)

Displays in the Mammoth Gallery at The Box (Image © Andrew Meredith)

Displays in the Mayflower 400 exhibition at The Box (Image © Andrew Meredith)


Participating Companies

London, UK

Design excellence for museums and heritage attractions.

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Huddersfield, UK

World-leading, high-impact, graphic displays and graphic production.

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ISO Design - media and Interactive production

The Hub - fabrication and installation

Orbis Conservation – specialist mount making